Monday, July 12, 2010

Yo So Good

Frozen yogurt: ice cream's skinny friend. 

Frozen yogurt: my new favorite friend. 

Dozens of frozen yogurt shops have cropped up all around Austin. Because I'm a huge advocate of education and quality assurance, I've taken the liberty of sampling as many frozen yogurt places as possible.

The following four are the best based on my froyo experiences:

1. Yogurt Planet: Has dulce de leche and fresh bananas. Nuff said. 

2. Yo Yo's: Solid creamy yogurt with a good selection of fruit and toppings. 

3. The Yogurt Spot: Excellent yogurt consistency and some interesting seasonal flavors (tropical, lychee, lemon, and green tea).

4. Yummy Yo: Small selection, but solid and typical offerings.

The rest kind of suck and all suffer from the same downfall: icy, watery yogurt consistency. Steer clear or consume only if absolutely necessary.

Austin Berry
Frutti Frogurt
Yo So Cool
Yogo Bowl
Yolly Yo

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