Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lick It Bite It or Suck It!

Lick It Bite It Or Both
11101 Burnet Rd
Ste 140-A
Austin, TX 78758

2/5 stars

What's worse than a dry, stale cupcake?

Being served a dry, stale cupcake by a dour faced, unwelcoming, and unhelpful employee.

No smile, no hello, no happy greeting. Nothing! The girl literally said three words to us the whole time we were there: red velvet and 10.83.

I don't expect to be coddled or showered with pleasantries, but come on. You work in a cupcake store. Everyday should be a freaking jolly day.

Anyway, I bought a key lime cupcake and an Italian cream cupcake and took them home to eat later.

Fast forward to 2 AM. It's cupcake time. I take out the cupcakes and leave them on the counter to let them hang out.

215 AM, I approach the cupcakes. They look super cute. The key lime cupcake has a glittery looking frosting, which is appealing, but I have my eye on the Italian cream.

The first bite: the cupcake was hard, dry, heavy, and a little stale. I liked the coconut bits in the cupcake, but that's nothing to be proud of - hello, it's Italian cream.

The frosting was also heavy and sweet, but didn't offend me as badly as the cupcake.

Okay, so maybe the key lime cupcake will be better.

Wow. It wasn't.

Whereas the Italian cake was super dry, the key lime was super wet. Bizarre. There was a very mild lime taste and an overabundance of sugar.

Where's the refreshing, zesty lime taste? Where's the tart bite? Where's the flavor???

I'm not a cupcake snob. I don't eat cupcakes professionally.

In fact, I hardly ever eat them, but when I do indulge, I want a cupcake that's rich, moist, flavorful, and well made.

And I want it served with a smile.

Since Lick It Bite It or Both does neither, I doubt I will ever come back.

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