Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, Z.

I used to be completely obsessed with Zahara Jolie-Pitt. I'd skim through her baby photos, admiring her ability to look directly into a camera and silently convey "screw you!" She's a natural at giving bitch face. 

As she got older, she learned how to smile and act all happy and girly. Needless to say, I completely lost interest in her.

Sometimes, I'll look at a new crop of photos and reminisce about the old days; days when I'd painstakingly cut Zahara pictures out of a magazine and add them to my Z-collage.

So, today, when I saw a post about the Jolie-Pitt kids, I immediately sought out my girl.

This picture really disturbed me.

First, did I not wear the same exact outfit as Z the other day? And should I be concerned that I'm dressing like a five year old?

And second, why is Shiloh taller than Z? Is Z not nearly a year older than Shiloh?

Someone, discuss.

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  1. Maybe Z has flats on and Shiloh is wearing heels.


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