Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have exactly 20 photos of myself before the age of 4. During the first few years in America, we didn't have the money to buy and develop film, so the few photos I have are from very special occasions. 

When I was 5, I remember my aunts dressing me up in a frilly lilac dress with a lace collar, lining my lips with bright red lipstick, and propping me up on a milk crate to take some glamour photos. Looking at those pictures today, I can totally sense my discomfort with being photographed.

Recently, Michael's niece, Sienna, came to visit with us. She is the opposite of me at her age; she absolutely loved getting dolled up and strutting around like a fashionista.

Since it's 2010 (and not 1984), I was able to snap tons of photos of her in all her girly glory. I love that we can document every minute detail of our lives these days.

Thank goodness for technology. 

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