Friday, January 14, 2011

Grandma Rules

On her own, my mum is hilarious (to other people). Add my grandma to the conversation, and it's actually funny for me. Seriously. I laugh out loud.

Recently, my husband and I bought a new place. Soon after, my mum and grandma came to Austin for a visit. This is what they had to say about the house (amongst themselves; I was eavesdropping).

MUM: This house is not bad.
GRANDMA: Duh! This house cost money.
MUM: Why neighbor next door live alone. So strange.
GRANDMA: You live alone!
MUM: But I not old man.
GRANDMA: Hrmph! You crazy old lady.

Two hours later...

ME: Grandma, how is your knee?
GRANDMA: 80 year old knee. Maybe they should tear it off and throw it in the grave. I follow after.
ME: Grandma!
GRANDMA: Hrmph! I'm old person. What you expect!

I seriously love her.

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