Friday, January 21, 2011

Boot Dilemma

For the first 26 years of my life, I thought I had freakishly large calves for my size.

This was further confirmed by my inability to find a pair of boots that would go over my gargantuan calves.

Then, something happened. All boots started fitting me, and they looked GOOD! So, either someone in the boot industry took notice of their curvy-calved consumers, or I was just out of my mind. Regardless, thanks boot makers!

KORS Michael Kors
Case in point: my latest addition to my boot collection, despite my promise that I would never buy another pair of boots again for the rest of my life after the last pair of boots I bought. Well, you know, those were classic! And well-made! And they'd last a lifetime!

And these new babies, well, they're classic! And well-made! And they'd last a lifetime! But, but, they're camel, not black! So there! Check them out! I love them.

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