Friday, August 3, 2012

If You Post It, They Will Unsubscribe.

Classy Livin'

Facebook has given many people carte blanche to post whatever the hell they want.

I respect everyone's right to an opinion. I just don't have to read it. So I unsubscribe.

This is a revelatory moment people. Let's keep it classy.

My Favorite Things to Read About

So, to help improve the enjoyability of everyone's news feed, I've listed the top ten things I like to read about:
  1. Food (pretty much anything edible)
  2. Travel (only cool places)
  3. Movies (only the really good and really terrible ones)
  4. Pets (only the cute ones)
  5. MY current celeb obsession (can't disclose at this time) 
  6. Weird and beautiful photos (e.g., Ryan Gosling's dog wearing socks. OMG.)
  7. Inappropriate jokes (e.g., "What's the difference between PB and jam?")
  8. Celebratory news (e.g., "I'm NOT pregnant, woot!")
  9. Crazy beautiful things for really cheap (e.g. "Hey, I can give you free things!")
  10. Musical events (e.g., "Hey, I spotted Chris Martin at the W. Run fast!") 
Did you just google #7? I hope you did.

YOU ARE WELCOME. It was my pleasure. 

P.S. Oh, I forgot babies and kids. Or DID I? Bahahaha!

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