Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Truth About Last Friday

Last Friday, this is what I wore. Sweat pants and a soft tee. I'm not proud of it, but there it is.

Again, another truth.

These revelations are exhausting.

Can I tell you what's not exhausting? Wearing sweat pants.

Comfort is king.

Anyway, should I reveal this? Okay, I guess I will.

My husband travels quite a bit on his own (for work and pleasure). I usually enjoy my time alone and independence, but this time, I really missed him. Okay, collective awhhh. Okay, now stop it.

So in honor of all things Nora Roberts, I booked a last minute flight to see him this past weekend in Vegas. 

We had a grand time. We saw Garth Brooks perform at the Wynn Theater. It was one of the most unique live musical performances I've ever experienced. It's just Garth and his guitar. A one man show, with none of the typical Vegas glitz.

It's refreshing to see an artist who still absolutely loves music simply because it brings him joy. If you enjoy country at all, I highly recommend this show next time you're in Vegas.

What, you didn't know I loved Garth Brooks? Now you know. I also love Doug Stone, Vince Gill, and Reba. Their music immediately takes me back to camping trips in the deep south.

Yes, I just said the deep south. I was super country as a kid!

Anyway, this country kid was happy to see her husband. And to experience a bit of a life that's been eluding me lately.

View from our hallway on the 25th floor at Vdara.
Quick trip to H&M. Finally found something there that I love.
View of Vdara from the pool.

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  1. I like learning new things about you. :)

    My first concert ever was Reba!


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