Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To: Create Old New Things

Before we moved into our new place, I was going to give this IKEA dresser away. It had a broken drawer and floppy back panel.

(Why yes, that IS a cereal bowl. How'd you guess? Well, if you must know, I had Lucky Charms, and they were magically delicious!)

Little did I know, a little wood glue, paint, and hardware go a long, long way.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Mel and I visited the Country Living fair. We found this vendor that sells paint that adheres to most surfaces. It was a bit pricey, around $40, but still much cheaper than buying a new dresser.

To repaint my laminate IKEA dresser, I'd traditionally have to go through this long process of sanding, priming, painting, and sealing. This paint from RECLAIM promises that I can paint directly onto a clean laminate surface, without any major prep. All in one, it's no lie.

It's true. The paint rolls on very smoothly and easily with a paint roller. Unless you like the streaky, textured look, I don't recommend a using paint brush. I learned the hard way. Score one for you guys.

I should have read the instructions first. Doh. Shame on me.

After 3 coats, I had a new dresser/filing drawer. This is my take on modern meets country chic. At some point, I might paint over the black, but for now, I kinda love it.

Oh, check out these cute knobs. I got these for $3 a piece at Breed & Company. I really like that place. 

Another DIY success!

Now, I just need to build a work productivity machine.

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