Monday, April 30, 2012

Suit Up!

My husband and I are going to Hawaii in 22 days. I'm totally ready!

Of course, every beach vacation requires a major investment in two things: smutty pleasure reading and new bathing suits!

I'll discuss my smutty reading list later, but first...

I recently found the perfect bathing suit top for my body. These cuties are from Ralph Lauren. They cover one of my problem areas, my protruding rib cage (I know, woe is me), and give me a slight (but desperately needed) boobage boost.

I ordered the aqua and violet from Nordstrom. Totally love them. They are cut like a halter, which makes my shoulders look narrower, and the longer length makes my waist look smaller. Yay on both counts. If I am brave enough, I may post some photos of me actually wearing them. Of course, I also don't want to scare anyone...

Until then, tell me: what bathing suits are you loving this season?

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  1. Loving these! I haven't started suit shopping yet, but these colors are major inspiration.


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