Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thin, Fat, I Can't Win

My mom loves expressing her opinion and giving advice. LOVES IT! If it concerns food, cooking, babies, marriage, or even fashion (dear god), she has something to say. Yep, that's my mom.

MUM: What you eat tonight?

ME: Um, a cheese sandwich?

MUM: A CHEESE SANDWICH! That sound yucky.

ME: How is that yucky?

MUM: Who eat cheese with bread?


MUM: That not fill you up. Bread no good.

ME: Then why do you keep buying me bread??

MUM: I buy good kind!

ME: Mom, they sell Mrs. Baird's in Austin too.

MUM: Why you not cook something good to eat? Why eat cheese bread?

ME: I didn't want to cook anything.

MUM: Hmph, you get too skinny if you don't eat anything. You don't want to be skinny like Aunt L. Bony everywhere! Yucky!

ME: Mom, Aunt L. is not yucky.

MUM: I not say she yucky! I say her bone yucky!

ME: Oh my god.

MUM: Why you eat cheese bread? You need to eat something. Make sure you not too skinny. No man love skinny woman.

ME: Fine, I'll eat something.

MUM: No more cheese. Cheese make you fat.

ME: Oh my god.


  1. Forget Shit My Dad says! I like Shit Thao's Mom Says!

  2. Don't encourage my mom! Lol, she'd probably die if she knew I was posting stories about her online.


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