Sunday, July 11, 2010


Travel Priorities:

1. Spend quality time with loved ones by asking lots of pesky hypothetical questions. I use this as a means to delve deeper into their inner workings, without actually having to outright ask an awkward question. ("Would you give me your kidney if I were dying?" sounds so much lovelier than "Are you a selfless person or a complete asshole who would let me die? TELL ME NOW!")

2. Seek out the nearest Aritzia and TNA; then, figure out how to get there - on foot, by cab, by hitchhiking. I WILL TAKE ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

3. Study and memorize the menus of restaurants in the city; then, determine the feasibility of eating at every single delicious restaurant. Must remember to pack stretchy pants and over-sized shirts. 

4. Identify, photograph, and laugh at fashion faux pas (plural form is the same; did you know that?). No one is exempt. Nope, not even you.

5. Visit as many cool places as possible, as to appear refined and well traveled to friends when they ask about my adventures later. ("Oh yes, it was fabulous darling! Simply fabulous! You MUST go!")

Speaking of which,


Texas summers are no picnics.

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